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I'm a freelance illustrator & designer. I also make custom plush toys.




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Dr Sketchy’s  Melbourne - September 2014 

Something a little different! The 7 month pregnant and very sassy, Anna Lumb did some impressive hooping for us. And then followed up with polka dot performance art gimp suit ballet rap!


Custom Gumdrop Dragons are available to order from my Esty shop!

Mythical All-sorts Confectionery Curiosities , providing the most wondrous  fanTASTY creatures for your collection”


I’ve just listed my Icecream-icorn plushies for custom orders on my Etsy shop.

These cute confectionery curiosities come in a wide range of colors.

These combinations are Choc-minteo and Vanillaberry, two of my personal favourites! 



Baby Groot Plush

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy I had to make myself a Baby Groot Plush!

He stands about 27cm (10½ inches) tall, the perfect size for sitting on my desk keeping me company. The body and pot are made from fleece and leaves are cut from felt, the green vine is wool yarn. There is also has a wire armature through the whole plush so he is poseable.  The pot base has been weighted with plastic pellets and stiffened with plastic card insert, so he is very stable.


Icecream-icorn “Vanillaberry” Plush

Mythical All-sorts Confectionary Curiosities, providing the most wondrous  fanTASTY creatures for your collection”

Based on my own design these plushies are a delicious combination of an icecream cone and a unicorn. This flavor is a blend of white and pink known as Vanillaberry.

I’m planning to make these available as customizable listings on my etsy page along with my Gumdrop Dragons.

Premium micro fleece with machine embroidery on the horn and black plastic toy eyes.

Approx 25cm long (nose to tail) and 21cm tall (belly to the tip of horn)



Diving Belle 

The last of my military pin ups (for a while)… Completing the set is the beautiful dangerous diver, Belle.

Prints, apparel and other goodies for sale on RB>

Now that I have made a space dedicated to drawing/painting (a tiny table next to my computer) I’ve felt inspired to do some character sketches:  Witch Assassin, Wealthy Schoolgirl, Inventor Builder & Royal Lady

Using blue Faber-Castell pencil and Staedtler Wopex 2B, on the cheapest student sketchbook paper (can’t erase, destroys paper!)


Tumblr site redesign

I’ve given my Tumblr page a bit of a face lift to better match my website


It could probably use a few more tweaks but I’m happy with it at the moment :)

Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne - August 2014

This month we sketched the blonde bombshell Lola Ramone and her exquisite ‘anatomy’ costume!


Shield Shoulder Bag

I made this as a gift for a friend, who is currently wearing it around Gen Con!

 I designed the pattern based on the type of Viking/dwarf shields you see in RPGs. The exterior is made from silver faux leather and heavy weight curtain fabric (trying for wood grain texture). The “rivets” and center dome are padded and appliqué stitched to the front.

The interior is made from pre-quilted padded polyester material to help the bag hold its shape. There are 2 pockets inside and an adjustable shoulder strap.

The bag measures roughly 40cm (16”) diameter and roughly 12cm (5”) deep.