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I'm a freelance illustrator & designer. I also make custom plush toys.




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Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne - August 2014

This month we sketched the blonde bombshell Lola Ramone and her exquisite ‘anatomy’ costume!


Shield Shoulder Bag

I made this as a gift for a friend, who is currently wearing it around Gen Con!

 I designed the pattern based on the type of Viking/dwarf shields you see in RPGs. The exterior is made from silver faux leather and heavy weight curtain fabric (trying for wood grain texture). The “rivets” and center dome are padded and appliqué stitched to the front.

The interior is made from pre-quilted padded polyester material to help the bag hold its shape. There are 2 pockets inside and an adjustable shoulder strap.

The bag measures roughly 40cm (16”) diameter and roughly 12cm (5”) deep.



My first pose-able plush doll!  Based on the concepts created by the very talented En Gingerboom  (aka nattherat) especially for the commissioner of this plush - concepts

The outer body is both machine and hand sewn from my pattern based on their designs. He is roughly 10” from nose to tail tip. 

The body is fully pose-able including his tail. The wire has been completely wrapped in soft poly-fill so he is cuddly and easy to pose.

The subtle color variations in his coat were created using artist quality ink to stain the fleece, leaving it soft and flexible. I hand painted on the claws and paw pads to the feet and hands.

I’m very proud of the finished product! And I’m excited to try out some other soft pose-able doll ideas!


 Plush Commissions - https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/MyBeautifulMonsters

My partner and his friends play Ingress and asked me if I could do a pin up fan art design to put onto hoodies and tshirts and stuff :)

Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne  July 2014

This month’s Dr Sketchys model was the amazing and adorable Little Laa Laa. She described herself as ’ a dirty carny’ and makes up half of Smallpox Theatre performing as a puppeteer/mime/clown.

Everyone squirmed and moaned as she hammer a nail into her nose and jumped on broken glass right in front of us!

I’m really happy with this month’s drawings and will probably continue experimenting with watercolor pencils to quickly add in colors.


"Wanna See Them Dancing"

Inspired by my little sister’s favourite movie (& probably mine) when we were kids, I decided do a painting for her birthday this year of Ariel.

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Melbourne Dr. Sketchy’s celebrated its 8th birthday in June with the sexy songstress, Tanzer!


A bit of Tank Girl fan art for the Weekly Trinquette drawing challenge. She is enjoying a rousing game of grenade golf.


My latest commission was to build a plush Loki from the Thor movies.

It is the second humanoid plush I’ve ever made and the first based on a real person. Tom Hiddleston in plush form!

He stands (leaning) roughly about 33cm tall and is made from fleece, jersey and felt with faux leather boots. I added fabric glitter paint to the gold felt to make it look more like metal. Or just more fabulous.

I was requested to also make the removable helmet to complete his costume which adds about another 8cm to the height.

The face and clothing details are a mix of appliqué and embroidery.

In all I think it is the most complex plush I have ever created but I’m very happy with the result!

Plush Toy Commissions - Etsy 


Anubis for #Sketch_dailies challenge.
Anubis would be a dandy.

Anubis for #Sketch_dailies challenge.

Anubis would be a dandy.